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In today’s competitive digital landscape, maintaining a leading edge is paramount. Allow us to assist you in promoting your products and services across various global channels. Enhance your brand’s visibility internationally and establish its authoritative presence with American Web Expert tailored Shopify SEO solutions 

Build Your Own Scalable Online Store with Shopify

he world of commerce has undergone a significant revolution due to eCommerce. Presently, Shopify empowers over a million businesses worldwide, underscoring the indispensable role of eCommerce marketing as a universal business necessity.

Recognized as a premier eCommerce solution, Shopify continually shapes the global marketplace. In the past six months alone, Shopify has attracted an impressive 46.45 million visits and processed approximately 218 million orders in the previous year.

With more than 2 million active users, this comprehensive eCommerce platform contributes over $183 billion to global economic activity. In total, Shopify commands a substantial 31 percent share of the eCommerce market.


Undoubtedly, Shopify is an excellent platform for brands looking to build their online store. If you’re not yet using Shopify for your eCommerce business, it’s high time that you reconsider your online marketing efforts.

Boost your online business with Shopify marketing strategies.

Today, Shopify stands out as one of the most dependable fully-hosted eCommerce platforms. It aids businesses in increasing their online sales through eCommerce and offline channels by integrating point-of-sale (POS) systems. Build customer confidence and boost your eCommerce revenue with Shopify marketing.

Enhance your brand's competitive advantage

Shopify provides a platform beyond traditional eCommerce. Nowadays, numerous entrepreneurs utilize Shopify to offer a wide array of solutions to a broader audience. These solutions encompass:

Craft more engaging and intimate brand interactions.

Shopify stands out as a robust eCommerce platform, fostering brand communities that yield value extending beyond mere transactions. With a knack for enhancing brand loyalty, Shopify consistently drives year-over-year growth for countless eCommerce merchants. Projections indicate a potential 60 percent uptick in Shopify’s stocks worldwide in the foreseeable future
Establish enduring customer relationships and enhance the value of your brand experience. By utilizing Shopify, you access a plethora of benefits and beyond.

Creating your Shopify store can be as simple as registering an account and personalizing your storefront’s design. Launch your online store quickly with American Web Expert SEO for Shopify!

SEO for Shopify

Enhance SEO on Shopify and Expand Your Business Globally

Drawing and retaining customers requires more than just a visually appealing web design. As a marketer, a robust SEO strategy for Shopify is essential to enhance overall sales and capitalize on this lucrative platform. Establish a formidable online presence and achieve high rankings in search results with the assistance of our Shopify SEO specialists.

American Web Expert Agency is a certified Shopify partner, offering a comprehensive solution to enhance SEO on Shopify. Allow us to assist you in creating a well-structured online store, optimizing for search and mobile, and enhancing site security.

Partner with us and experience results-oriented SEO for your Shopify store.

SEO Services for Shopify

Establish Your Brand as an Industry Leader

SEO Audit for Shopify Website

Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your eCommerce website, evaluating its performance, usability, and security. Our Shopify SEO specialists verify the presence of your company's name, address, and phone number (NAP) on your online store. Additionally, we assess the quality of your backlinks, existing online reputation, product descriptions, and other essential site elements.

Keyword Research and Strategic Planning

Our team of Shopify SEO specialists uncovers your target audience, identifies high-performing keywords, organically structures search terms into thematic clusters, and crafts SEO-optimized content. This approach helps you attract genuine leads and drive traffic from customers ready to make a purchase.

Building Links

Drive consistent traffic and sales to your Shopify store with our SEO services. At American Web Expert, we utilize content marketing, online review management, and social media marketing strategies to build links. These techniques enable us to obtain high-quality backlinks, increase brand visibility, and enhance business interaction

Optimization for both On-Page and Off-Page aspects

Our SEO experts ensure comprehensive optimization for your online store, covering all aspects. We employ a holistic approach to Shopify SEO, addressing content optimization, link building strategies, and social media engagement to enhance your online presence.

Designing for Shopify

We provide cost-effective services for developing Shopify themes customized to align with your branding. Our team of Shopify SEO specialists integrates visual hierarchy, streamlines site navigation, implements relevant product filters, and optimizes your online store for search engines. Additionally, we offer ongoing site maintenance and support, along with Shopify app integration, to deliver a personalized customer experience.

Optimizing Conversion Rates

Maximize your website's potential for turning visitors into customers with American Web Expert Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services. We fine-tune various elements on your site to ensure a greater return on investment (ROI), such as homepage features, carousel images, call-to-action (CTA) buttons, product detail pages, internal links, shopping carts, and checkout buttons.

SEO for Technical Aspects

Enhance your website's search visibility and online rankings through our Shopify SEO services. Our team of Shopify SEO specialists follows Google's recommended practices. We conduct thorough site audits, enhance site speed, address crawl errors and redirect issues, implement canonical tags, and integrate Google Analytics into your website.

Writing Content

Share high-quality content to draw in more visitors to your website. Our SEO copywriters craft content designed to captivate your target audience's imagination. We produce engaging product descriptions and blog posts, utilize social proof, and conduct A/B split tests to identify the optimal format for your product pages.

Advertising on Shopify with Pay-Per-Click

Increase your conversion rates and amplify your revenue through Shopify PPC advertising. At American Web Expert, we provide complimentary, obligation-free PPC consultations to assist you in understanding the potential of paid search in enhancing SEO for Shopify. Our PPC offerings encompass account establishment, product feed configuration, keyword analysis, campaign refinement, and monthly reporting

Reputation oversight

About 70 percent of consumers check online reviews before buying. Enhance your brand's image and utilize social proof with online reputation management and review response services. Our comprehensive reputation management software assists Shopify stores in monitoring brand engagement and building consumer confidence

Enhance SEO for Shopify

Collaborate with Shopify SEO specialists to boost your brand’s credibility
Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, an acclaimed digital marketing firm based in the United States, offers data-backed SEO solutions tailored to businesses of any scale or industry. Our suite of online marketing services is crafted to enhance SEO performance on Shopify platforms

When selecting American Web Expert, here’s what you can anticipate:

Increase the scale of your eCommerce platform and enhance conversion rates with American Web Expert tailored SEO services for Shopify stores. We employ data-centric optimization tactics to attract your desired traffic, leads, and sales. Reach out today to kickstart your Shopify SEO campaign

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